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VCUBE: 21st century cubes (9)

An innovative set of cubes that you did not play quickly. Do you go for a classic size like the 3x3 or the 4x4? Could it be bigger? Like the 7x7 or even 8x8? Or do you prefer the special models? Choice over!
V-Cube V-Sphere - round cube
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VCUBE: 21st century cubes

V-Cube: The 21st century cube

Buy the V-cube cubes now: a challenge of size.

V-cube has recaptured the landscape of the cubes. Where ever Rubik's was the absolute world summit, V-cube appears to be a great alternative! Thanks to the innovative construction, they go a lot further than the traditional 3x3 cube.

Flat or Pillow

The V-cube comes traditionally in 2 different structures. Either choose the classic flat model, or go for the more rounded cube. Certainly for the larger models, this "pillow" version is recommended!

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